The Armed Forces of Ukraine have started testing DANA-M2 self-propelled howitzer


Vadym Nozdria, Director General of the 'Ukrspecexport' State Company, visited a military training ground in Rivne region, Ukraine, where testing of 152-mm DANA-M2 manufactured by the Czech company Excalibur Army began.

"The wheeled DANA-M2 is to replace the Soviet D-20 tracked howitzers, which were developed in the middle of the last century," said Vadym Nozdria. He added that at this stage, Ukrainian Army needs effective weapons to deal with modern tasks, including the repulse of Russian armed aggression against Ukraine. "That is why Ukrspecexport must do its best to strengthen the defense capabilities of our army," Vadym Nozdria stressed.

Compared to the analogues currently in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), DANA-M2 has 1.5 longer range of fire with conventional and rocket-propelled projectiles as well as the increased rate of fire (5 shots per minute). It is equipped with an automatic loading mechanism, has better mobility and carries more ammo. The 30-ton DANA-M2 can speed up to 90 km/h on road and 25 km/h off-road.

In addition, DANA-M2 is equipped with a modern automated fire control system, which allows it to be easily integrated into a comprehensive reconnaissance and strike system as well as into the logistics system of the AFU. The use of a wheeled chassis enables to project DANA-M2 using general purpose roads, rather than using trucks or trailers.

The purpose of the tests is to evaluate the maneuvering and operational characteristics, accuracy and range of fire, efficiency of the howitzer's gun control system in the conditions as close as possible to combat. The testing of DANA-M2 is evaluated by the competent commission. It includes specialists of artillery units, technical specialists and officers with combat experience who are to operate DANA-M2 in the future. Experts also include the R&D representatives responsible for missile systems and military equipment for tactical and operational-tactical level at the Department for Development of Armaments and Military Equipment of the Land Forces Command of the AFU.

Based on tests, the AFU is to assess DANA-M2 capabilities and to make its choice. In case of a positive decision, the Ukrainian Army will get modern and effective weapon system.