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Ukraine's Military-Technical Cooperation System (Ukraine's MTC System)

Ukraine’s military-technical cooperation (MTC) with foreign countries is defined as a complex of goal-oriented measures connected with the development, manufacture, repair, upgrade, discarding (salvaging), as well as the international transfer of the military products which is carried out under Ukraine’s Law in full conformity with the rules of International Law on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the rules thereof concerning the restriction of transfer of particular military and dual-purpose products. The President of Ukraine controls the State Policy on military-technical cooperation.
The National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine is a coordinating body on National Security and Defence under the jurisdiction of the President of Ukraine.
The Council:

  • Coordinates and controls the activity of executive authorities in the field of MTC;
  • Exercises current control over the activity of executive authorities in the field of MTC, as well as provides the President of Ukraine with relevant findings and offers;
  • Initiates the drawing up of the normative acts and other documents concerning MTC issues;
  • Makes findings-of-fact, consolidates established practices and inspection results.

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is the supreme body in the system of executive power. As far as the system of the military-technical cooperation is concerned, under the terms of Clause 6 of the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On the Measures to Improve the Military-Technical Cooperation of Ukraine with Foreign Nations” the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine: Ensures the implementation of the State Policy in the sphere of military-technical cooperation; Concludes international treaties on the issues of military-technical cooperation in line with the established order; Establishes the Ukrainian part of bilateral or multilateral intergovernmental committees on the issues of military-technical cooperation; Selects and approves state customers for arms procurement;

    Ensures the pursuance of the pricing policy concerning setting both domestic and international prices for defence articles; On suggestions of the Interagency Commission for Policy in Military-Technical Cooperation and Export Control vests power in the subjects of military-technical cooperation to be entitled to export and import the defence articles; Coordinates the activities of the parties involved in military-technical cooperation with regard to their participation in international exhibitions.

    The Interagency Commission for Policy in Military-Technical Cooperation and Export Control is an executive body that works up proposals about the principal lines of public policy in the domain of military-technical cooperation. According to its expressly prescribed assignments, the Commission shall: Prepare materials for the sessions of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, relating to the conceptual framework, priority lines in the policy of military-technical cooperation and export control, including draft decisions thereupon; Work through proposals regarding establishment, restriction, suspension, termination and renewal of military-technical cooperation of Ukraine with foreign nations; Analyze the efficiency of governmental regulation of activities in the area of military-technical cooperation and export control, and work out the proposals directed to improve them; Make recommendations on coordination of actions in trading on the international markets of arms, military and special-purpose equipment, directed to the executive authorities and agents engaged in the international transfer of defence and dual application articles.

    Central Executive Authorities being a party to military-technical cooperation, are assigned as provided in Clause 1 of the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On Distribution of the Central Executive Authorities’ Powers in the Field of Military-Technical Cooperation with Foreign Nations” dated March 20, 2002, No.276. The general powers of the Central Executive Authorities under the Decree in the mentioned field are as set forth below: Making proposals concerning development and realization of the uniform public policy in the field of military-technical cooperation; Elaboration of the legislative drafts and other normative-legal acts, international agreements on military-technical cooperation; Arrangement of work performed by the Ukrainian party within the intergovernmental commissions for military-technical cooperation.