Ukraine continues to actively search for new export opportunities for its armored vehicles


A foreign delegation has recently visited our country with a study visit. #Ukrspecexport presented the latest developments of light armored vehicles to potential customers.

Foreign representative witnessed the tests of vehicles 'Otaman 6x6', 'Kozak-2M1' and TBKM "Dozor-B" armored vehicles.

The vehicles displayed such criteria as cross-country capability, maneuverability, reliability etc.

On-road trials were conducted at a specially equipped training ground, where the vehicles surpassed various artificial obstacles. Live firing was conducted in a special shooting range.

The armored vehicles were tested for long distances, on flat and mountainous terrains, and their effectiveness was proved regarding high cross-country maneuverability in off-road and sandy conditions.

Besides, the prospects of future bilateral military-technical cooperation were discussed.